Our Musical Director

Paul Andrews


Paul first learned to play euphonium under the guidance of his father, Len Andrews, between 1972 and 1979. In that time, Paul sought help from the legendary euphonium player Lyndon Baglin, a man that to this day has a major influence on Paul’s teaching methods.

He joined Roberts Bakery Band between 1979 and 1983 working with a colorful conductor that has given nearly 40 years to the same band, Colin Cranson. However, the lure of top flight banding was too much and particularly the persuasive skill of Richard Evans, a man that was to become a major influence on Paul’s life and remains a close friend and motivator to this day.

The time spent at Leyland Vehicles Band was the most rewarding as a player; playing in some of the finest auditoriums the world over.

CDs, radio broadcasts and television appearances seemed to be part of life’s daily routine at that time by the end of 1989, 6 fantastic years with Leyland and a euphonium career of 17 years under his belt, Paul looked for new pastures to continue his thirst for ambitious projects, conducting seemed the natural progression.

For the next 11 years, he was to learn his conducting trade with bands such as Bedford (Leigh) Band, City of Stoke, Besses o’ th’ Barn Band for 5 years enjoying an associate conductors role at Carlton Main Band with his great friend John Hinckley.

A brief dalliance with Skelmersdale Band took place in 2000. The following year, however, was to bring Paul’s biggest challenge to date.

In September 2001, Paul together with one of his closest friends, Andy Dale, formed Wire Brass. Little did they know at the time how big this project would turn out to be, and over the next 11 years would take them on a rewarding musical journey.

Wire Brass started life in the Third Section; however it took them 5 years to become a Championship section band. In its short history the band achieved many things, not least it meteoric rise up the world rankings table.

Between 2001 and 2011 the band became one of the most progressive bands in the world and solidified its position as one of the countries top bands when establishing its final world ranking position of a creditable placing of 38th. In 2011 it was decided that the band had reached the end of its journey and it was time for Paul to look at pastures new.

paul3Paul has found himself in great demand, not only nationally but internationally. His forays to the other side of the world in Australia have been particularly successful with Brisbane Excelsior Band.

Since becoming a freelance conductor, Paul has more time now to dedicate himself to his passion of Professional Development.

The 2012 Northwest Area 4th section championships brought about a victory for Golborne Band, the band had not won a contest for 20 years and had never won the Northwest Area 4th section in their history.

The Professional Development programme that was put into place over an 8 week period proved fruitful to the band and is one of Paul’s proudest achievements.

paul2Paul took over the baton of Wingates Band in 2013. His passion, expertise and dedication has resulted in a continuous upward curve through the brass band world rankings – Wingates are currently ranked among the top 30 bands in the world.